William Fabrick

It is always the goal to attempt to reach agreements between parties. Ms. Fabrick is an experienced mediator and works hard to try to reach workable agreements that treat the parties fairly because at the end of the day even divorced people must get along for the sake of the kids. Ms. Fabrick is often appointed by local courts as a minors’ attorney or special master to mediate disputes because she is known to obtain positive results that minimize conflicts and preserves the parties’ wallets.

Americans are a fair people. Clients always want to do what is fair – they want to do what is right. However, often times, husband’s and wife’s ideas of what is fair and right differ, which at the end of the day require some assistance from the family law courts. When mediation fails, Ms. Fabrick changes hats from mediator to litigator and aggressively pursues what is the right results for her client. This is where the office logo comes in: MEDIATE OR LITIGATE – WE’RE HERE FOR YOU!