How Defective Army Earplugs Affect Veterans?

Are you a member of the current military service who suffers from partial or full hearing loss or tinnitus and remembers using two-end earplugs during training or combat?

The earplugs that are being investigated are Combat Arms Earplugs, Version 2 (CAEv2).

Last year, the Minnesota-based company agreed to pay the government US $ 9.1 million for failing to reveal design errors in earplugs which reduced its effectiveness, injuring thousands of men and women in carrying out their duties.

Combat earplugs lawyers currently provide free case reviews to veterans diagnosed with hearing loss or tinnitus after using government-issued earplugs.

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Compensation for your injury is important, as well as our collective responsibility to stop those who are willing to risk the safety of armed forces in the name of making a profit. Combat earplug lawsuit make sure that you get required compensation.

In other words, these earplugs have two ends and have separate functions for each side. The yellow side or “open end” allows low level sounds such as voice commands to penetrate the ear, while the dark, olive green or “closed end” side offers protection against high and low level noise. Have a peek at this site in order to know more about combat earplugs lawyer.

The aim is to provide hearing protection that will allow team communication and low-frequency hearing on one side while being ready to provide greater protection during other significant shots and noise associated with fighting and training on the other side.