All About Hernia Mesh Complications

Hernia mesh is a new way of treating Hernia. But there are various mesh complications while operating the hernia which can be life- threatening. These complication occur very often after the surgery.

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Hernia Mesh Complications

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Below are some mesh complications listed below:

  • Hernia Mesh Adhesion: Adhesion is a scar tissue that attaches the two tissues together. Usually these adhesion are painless. This type of complication occurs when body start repairing itself. These repair cell can not differentiate the difference between one tissue and another. These adhesion may occurs in abdominal, pelvic and heart. 
  • Bowel Obstruction From Hernia mesh: If hernia mesh adheres to intestines then it may causes the  Bowel Obstruction. Nausea and vomiting are the symptoms of Bowel Obstruction. In such type of complication surgeons has to remove that part of intestine which is not working or dead. 

  • Bowel Perforation: This type of complication occurs when mesh breaches into the bowel. Abdominal pains, fever and nausea are the symptoms of bowel perforation. This is usually caused by the tumor in intestine.

Hernia Mesh Pain

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  • Infections: These Hernia Mesh may cause chronic infection which is difficult to treat. Inflammation and flu are the symptoms of this complication . This can be treated only by removing the waste fluids from the abdomen.
  • Hernia Mesh Rejection:  Sometimes the inserted mesh may affects the immune system due to which body reject the mesh. Redness and extreme swelling at particular surgical site are symptoms of hernia mesh rejection.

Hernia Mesh

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Many people throughout the world is suffering from complications. As per the Hernia mesh Lawsuit, these mesh are reason for such a life-threatening complication. Even you can file a hernia mesh lawsuit against doctor to claim your loss.